We’d like to give you all an update and ask you to join us in singing praises to our King! 

As soon as we learned that Solomon was in a motor vehicle accident Thursday night, we prayed over and over and over again for God to be with him, keep him, and cover him from head to toe! That’s a call you never want to receive as a parent. 

Arriving to the Emergency Room, a deputy talks to us before we can see Solomon or know his status. He explained to us that Solomon‘s accident was so bad he shouldn’t still be here with us. BUT GOD...

His hip was dislocated and fractured. They sedated him and popped his hip back in place but was concerned with fractures. His lungs were also bruised. So the decision was made to transport him to MCV in Richmond. Every....clearing my throat.... I say EVERYYYYYY person who had to touch Solomon, talk to him, look at him in any of the processes and procedures of this ordeal were very graceful. He received the best care from EVERYONE. 

In here is where I’ll pause to note how each of you played a part because God used you as well. When I tell you the Prayer Warriors showed up, nothing but good could come from this. There was no other option. 

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. ~ Ephesians 6:11

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Saturday morning he was taken to the operating room for pre-op. We were given all the info by the orthopedic surgeon in regards to surgery that would be taking place to repair his hip fracture and what to expect in post-op. We kissed him and walked away. I promise you, about 30 minutes later the surgeon called us and said NO SURGERY WAS NEEDED. 😳He would be able to heal on his own slowly over time with physical therapy. 

Insert Praise Dance here! 💃🏽 🙌🏽❤️

Now there was the therapy and the concern with his lung bruises. Sunday was his first day of sitting up and trying to move since his accident. It was very painful for him and for us to watch but we told him to push through it. He’d look at me sideways. You know Solomon’s not much of a talker. He’s his daddy’s child. 😁 But he pushed through and was exhausted the rest of the day.

Now here’s where I’ll pause yet again. Did I mention how much each of you played a part in this? Ohhh yes you did. The prayers, phone calls, text messages and visits were the best medicine for him. The doctors and nurses were a big help but each of you were obedient to the Holy Spirit and went to the King on Solomon’s behalf. For that we are forever grateful.

So now here we are on Monday. As day two of physical therapy begins, I waited in the nearby hallway. God was working so many blessings in that moment for my family. I looked up and Solomon was walking out of his room towards me using a walker. He looked up at me with a smile and the same look I get whenever he says “Mama, I’m grown!”. 😁🥰

He walked to the bathroom for the first time since his accident and it was a great feeling to ‘doo’ that...pun intended. So day 3 of physical therapy was to include going up steps. BUT GOD...The Doctor came in to tell us that Solomon’s lungs are good, he’s doing well, and that he could be discharged with scheduling physical therapy at home. 🙌🏽❤️🙌🏽❤️ 

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Now you all are reading this message because like I noted, you played a major part. If you asked friends and family to pray for Solomon and our family, then please share this with them as well. We thank you so much and we love you. As much as we thank you, we know that God had already designed for this all to happen in the order that it did. His will be done! We are God’s children and we know what our King can do whether we understand it or whether it’s not for us to understand. But it’s so amazing to see prayer work...especially in a way we never thought it would happen. Solomon’s King is with him, He keeps Solomon, He covers Solomon from head to toe - He saved Solomon!

And tonight he’s back home! Praise God 🙌🏽❤️

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