Aww, thanks ya’ll!

Mica C.

“Have y'all ever met someone and knew you'd be stuck with them from the first encounter? Not stuck in a bad way, stuck in a good way. Like, hey they're my favorite kind of crazy way. Well, that was Ms. Nita! We have worked with some wonderful photographers in the past, but she displayed patience that I have never seen in a photographer.”

“Your coverage of this fashion was so amazing and comprehensive. You were everywhere. Your images captured the emotion, spirit, and energy of the show. Your masterful use of available lighting presented a natural and live view of the show that cannot be done with flash photography. I know only a few people that could have pulled that off like you did. I salute you and well done.”

Aww, thanks ya’ll!

Selah Ve

“Colder than a Polar Bear’s toe.
Special Shoutout to the wonderful and talented @nitasnaps for allowing me to be a part of her vision and sharing her emotion-evoking photos 💯💯”

01 / 04

“I don't know if I am saying this correctly, but you as a photographer have a special gift. Your work is beautiful, but your photos although some are posed, look so natural and like they are coming right out of the photo.”

“She has proven her talent, is dynamic and creative. I was truly impressed with her work and level of professionalism while working.”

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