What is a TFP Shoot?

'Time for Prints' (TFP) is a photo shoot that is not compensated monetarily, but instead, as a trade of services. Everyone donates their time – models, stylists, and photographers – and all parties are welcome to use the resulting images for their own purposes or self-gain. A fancy way of saying that the team will work for free but receive images they need for xyz reason with permission to use them.

Benefits of a TFP Shoot

All parties receive an equal benefit within the collaboration. Most often, that means that the photographer can use the images to advertise their photography services. Stylists can add them to their portfolio and can advertise. The model can also use the images in their pursuit of more modeling work.

Collab vs Work for free

Getting TFP offers often ends with “collaboration,” which can translate to “do this work for free because I need it and don’t want to pay for it.” If we're always "collab'ing" when do we make money? Know your worth! It's okay to say 'no thanks'. However, I'm always grateful for your support.

Are you interested?

Nita Snaps may offer a TFP shoot if trying a new photography type, experimenting with techniques, or exploring new equipment. Sometimes just to freshen up the portfolio!

Complete the form if you'd like to be on my list of TFP Collabs.