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Fill out the short form. I will reach out by email, text or phone with more info about your request or to answer questions you may have.

See FAQs below.

I'll contact you with my availability or suggested alternate dates.


Where are you located?

I’m located in Fredericksburg, VA. Will travel within 50 miles for a travel fee.

What type of sessions do you photograph?

I love to photograph portraits, behind-the-scenes, and branding. I'm not a wedding photographer but I'd be happy to refer you to some great wedding photographer friends.

How do I reserve my date?

To secure your portrait, graduate or headshot sessions, I require full payment to reserve your date on the calendar. For group or branding sessions, I require a 50% deposit (non-refundable) to reserve your date on the calendar. The remaining balance must be paid by the day prior to your session. If session is cancelled the deposit is not refunded. But if paid in full and the date is cancelled, you can reschedule another available date.

I’m excited to see my photos. What is your turnaround time?

The waiting game is never any fun. For that reason, I work quickly to deliver your images right away. You can expect to receive your photos within 3-5 days.

How will I receive my photos?

You will receive an email with a link to a private online gallery that contains all of your images. You will select your favorite based on your package. I will edit those selected photos to my photography style and deliver as digital files. You will also have the option to buy prints and photo albums right from your gallery that are mailed to you.

Can I share the photos on social media?

Of course! I love it when clients share their photographs. I just ask that you tag me when possible and don't put a filter on the images that I'm tagged in.

Can I have the raw - unedited files?

No. All images are hand edited that fit my photography style.

What should I wear to my session?

Ultimately, what you wear depends on what you're most comfortable in and the style of shoot you are interested in. If you are unsure about what's most flattering or what will go best with your location setting, let's talk through that.

Will you come to my home?

I work in my home studio and onsite. Let's talk about your session to see if those options work for you.

Can I print my images myself?

Of course! All sessions include printing rights. Nita Snaps also provides an online store to order prints.

Do you have any tips for me to prepare for my shoot?

Your shoot may be an hour, but I spend several hours in post production. When I have to zoom in on the photos I see details that involves some editing which will take more time.

1. Run a lint roller over your clothing before shoot. You'd be surprise how much erasing I do in post production.

2. Iron or steam out the wrinkles. That goes for graduation robes especially.

3. Practice your poses, look in the mirror and practice your facial expressions. I'll direct your pose for my style of shooting but you have to 'bring it' too.

4. We can make it really fun and start a Pinterest board!

How long will my gallery be online?

You will have some time to view, share, download and purchase your photos in your gallery. But I can't keep them forever. So please download all of your photos as soon as possible.

All images from your session will be archived three months after order and delivery. This is to allow continued space for more happy Nita Snaps clients.