Class of ‘23

Graduate Session starts @ $250

1 hour, 1 location, 1 outfit + cap/gown

20 Edited photos


Yearbooks don't capture you

Senior year is the time that you've worked so hard for and your school yearbook may not capture this moment creatively or true to who you are. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take on a high fashion edge, get elegantly lost in the woods, or simply show what you’re passionate about or where you think you’re heading. I want to help with your story.


I spend quite some time after our session in editing. I like enhancing the images to make sure we get great even color. I soften shadows and ensure I have proper lighting across the image, and you will still look like you! I will also gently enhance the skin to get rid of sudden “day of” breakouts, disruptive pimples and so forth. But nothing crazy; no eye color changing, no over-whitened teeth, no turning skin into flat cakey colors—we want you to look like yourself.


With gentle (and sometimes goofy) instructions, I will instruct you with each pose to make; where to look, where to shift your weight, when to smile and when not to, where to put your hands—all of that. You won’t look lost or confused in your photos. You will look so good, you will have fun, I will make your experience easy breezy. But even better than that, you will get some amazing photos.


Your senior portraits are all about you; who you are at this moment in time, who you want the world to see and how you want to be remembered. So, not only do I want your experience to be fun and memorable for you, I also want this experience to be smooth and simple.

We can get as creative as you feel! So let’s have fun!

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